Welcome to Smoke Rise Nursery School
A Warm and Nurturing Educational Environment for Children Ages 2.5 through 5
Philosophy and Goals
It is the belief of the Smoke Rise Nursery School that we should provide an education directed towards the child’s age, interest and stage of development; an opportunity to express him/herself in a creative atmosphere both as an individual and in varied group experiences; and an opportunity to meet, play and work in a social atmosphere created to help the child become a more meaningful member of society.

Our goal is to create an environment in which the emotional, social, physical and cognitive development of all the children will be enhanced.

We reach our goals by providing the children with…
  • Opportunities for social interaction through creative play, sharing thoughts and ideas and helping each other.
  • Opportunities for large muscle development through skipping, running, walking and use of our outdoor equipment.
  • Opportunities for small muscle development by using crayons, markers, pencils, cutting with scissors, painting with fingers, brushes and objects, working with clay, puzzles and other manipulative materials.
  • Opportunities to develop an awareness of numbers by counting, matching numerals with items and calendar work.
  • Opportunities to develop an awareness of letters by discussing the alphabet, discussing letter sounds, listening for these letter sounds in words, visual recognition of letters and their own names and printing their names.
  • Opportunities to take responsibility for their own belongings by emptying backpacks, hanging up coats and putting on coats, mittens, etc. and learning how to zipper and button.
  • Provide opportunities for the children to develop a good self-image through praise and encouragement.
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